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In case you didn't read my first post, I'm a bit of a TV show fanatic. Most people watch lots and lots of movies, I watch lots and lots of TV shows. My latest obsession this summer has been Gilmore Girls. I stumbled upon this Gilmore Girls Challenge and I wanted to do it! Only, I'm not doing it over 30 days (as requested) I want to do the whole thing now, so I am! Sit back, relax, and feel free to take the challenge yourself. It's going to be a lot of fun!

Day 1. Are you a Lorelai or a Rory?

Am I a Lorelai or a Rory? Well, I did go to private school and I like to read a lot. I don't read a lot of classics though like Rory does, Lorelai's Motley Crue book seemed pretty interesting to me. And I listen to more 80's music than 2000s alternative punk (although after watching this show I've been trying to listen to more of it). I've had a small run in with a Logan type of boy but in the end I would want a Luke.... I think I'm a mix of both the girls, because as Lorelai likes to say, "It's a big bag of weird in there!

Day 2. What was the first episode of Gilmore Girls you ever saw (even in part)?

The first episode of Gilmore Girls I ever saw was episode 5x22 'A House Is Not a Home'. I only saw half of the episode and I was completely confused. I didn't know who Luke was or why Lorelai was proposing to him. I didn't know why Rory was dropping out of Yale (and this also made all the Harvard talk in the earlier seasons confusing to me when I started from the beginning). I didn't know that Mrs. Kim was so opposed to Lane being in a band. But this episode (especially the proposal at the end) made me borrow all 7 season from my Grandma and watch them in about a month and a half :D

Day 3. Have you ever quoted the Gilmore Girls in real life, even if nobody knew that’s what you were doing?

I've been quoting it a lot recently. The whole "hockey puck, rattlesnake, monkey monkey, underpants" thing has gotten me a few weird looks and responses (even from my best friend who loves the show too). 

Day 4. Is there anyone in your life that you know a character HAS to be based off of because they are so similar?

I have a friend's mom who is a lot like Mrs. Kim, but not enough that I would say Mrs. Kim is based on her. I can see qualities of different characters in the people I know, but none of them are 100% spot on.

Day 5. Are you and your mother more like Lorelai/Rory, Mrs. Kim/Lane or Emily/Lorelai?

We're definitely Lorelai and Rory! We're nothing like Mrs. Kim and Lane because I tell my mom everything (and I don't have to hide my music under the floorboards). We fight sometimes but never to the extent that Emily and Lorelai do. I could never just move away and not speak to her like they did. We're Lorelai and Rory all the way!

Day 6. Have you ever tried or made a food after seeing it on Gilmore Girls?

Nope... I mean I already like burgers, not a huge chinese food or pizza fan, and anything Sookie makes is too fancy for me. I might give coffee another try though, I haven't liked it in the past but maybe it's an acquired taste.

Day 7. Are you a Paris or a Lane?

I get Paris' grades, but I have a passion for music the way Lane does. Plus, I would like to think I'm less psychotic than Paris.

Day 8. What’s the one Stars Hollow town event that you want to attend/recreate in you own town?

I liked the Winter Carnival, Dance Marathon, and Firelight Festival. The Winter Carnival just looked like so much fun, and the Dance Marathon would allow me to dress in cute 1940s attire, and the Firelight Festival just looked romantic!

Day 9. What is the number one thing that’s happening in pop culture right now that you wish the Gilmore Girls were still around to talk about/make fun of?

Oh man, that's hard! I would have liked to see them get a jab or two in on Taylor Swift's 180 from when she started out and the Absurdity of One Direction. They'd probably latch on to The Hunger Games and Pretty Little Liars as well.

Day 10. What’s your funniest/craziest Gilmore Girls related story that you want to share?

I said before I watched all 7 seasons in about a month and a half. I watched them with my mom and we had to watch them at night after my dad went to bed (because we wanted to watch them on the nicest TV in the house). So I'd watch at least 4 episodes a night, sometimes more and I wouldn't get to start watching them until 10:30 every night. I'd text my best friend while I was watching them, she'd already be asleep and would get my onslaught of texts in the morning that said things like "OMG LUKE AND LORELAI ARE KISSING ON THE FRONT STEPS OF THE DRAGONFLY" and "RORY AND DEAN SLEPT TOGETHER OH SNAP".  She said she would wake up and get to laugh every morning about my reactions to the episodes I watched the night before.

Day 11. If you could have had a crossover episode with Gilmore Girls and any other show, which show would it be?

I don't have the slightest clue. Maybe Friends? I saw somewhere that Chris was on an episode of Friends and now I have to go back and find which one it was. And didn't Lauren Graham and Matthew Perry date? I also think it would be interesting to have Lorelai and Emily deal with House. That would definitely be some interesting dialogue.

Day 12. What do you think Lorelai is doing right now?

She's still running the Dragonfly. She's married to Luke and they have twins. She's finally getting her 'middle'. Right now she's at the diner with her 5 year old twins (1 boy William Richard and 1 girl Emily Lorelai) waiting for Luke to serve up burgers and coffee, they're waiting on Rory too, she's coming to meet them for dinner!

Day 13. What character do you wish was in the show more than they were?

I wish Jess would have been in the show more. I loved his wit. I also would have liked Rory to date Marty instead of Logan.

Day 14. What’s the weirdest/most unexpected couple that you secretly ship?

I guess Rory/Marty. I ultimately liked Jess best out of Rory's Boyfriends but I would have rather seen her date Marty than Logan.

Day 15. Who is your favourite Gilmore boy?

Luke is my favorite guy from the show, Jess is my favorite of Rory's boyfriends.

Day 16. What do you think Rory is doing right now?

I think Rory worked on the Obama campaign trail and after he won she got hired somewhere covering politics and world events full time. She now gets to travel and see all the places she wanted too. I even think she met a guy while she was out there somewhere and he's the perfect combination of all three of her boyfriends. She still comes back to Stars Hollow to visit as much as she can, like tonight! She's on her way to Luke's right now for dinner with her mom, her stepdad and her little brother and sister!

Day 17. How long was your longest Gilmore Girls marathon?

I watched 6 episodes in one night. I had to get to the finale I couldn't stand myself!

Day 18. What is something that will always remind you of the Gilmore Girls?

The theme song most likely. Music brings back memories.

Day 19. What is the first line that comes to your mind right now?

As unbelievably cheesy as it is, the line that is coming to mind is Luke saying to Lorelai "I just like to see you happy". I awwwwwwed at that for a good five minutes the first time I saw it!

Day 20. What other fandoms are you a part of?

Friends, House, Castle

Day 21. If you were a character on Gilmore Girls; who would you be, when would you come in and what would you do?

If I was a character on Gilmore Girls I would be one of Rory and Lorelai's cousins who comes to stay with them in Stars Hollow. I would come in around Season 1. I'd end up dating Jess instead of Rory. I'd go to Chilton with Rory and the Diner all the time with Lorelai, and Luke would like me because I didn't drink coffee. :D

Day 22. Would you rather eat at Luke’s or go to a Friday Night Dinner?

Luke's. Every time. I would love to go there!

Day 23. Is your dad more like Luke, Richard or Christopher?

My dad is more like Luke than the other two. He's always there, unlike Chris. He's not rich or arrogant like Richard. My dad makes good burgers and breakfasts. He rants on occasion and he's been seen wearing a ball cap (not backwards but a hat is a hat). My dad is definitely Luke over the other two.

Day 24. Which episode have you seen the most?

I've watched episode 4x22 'Raincoats and Recipes' the most. I love the Luke and Lorelai storyline, not so much the Rory and Dean one.

Day 25. Would you go on a date with Kirk if you met him?

Not in a million years and not for a million dollars.

Day 26. Is your best friend more like Lane or Sookie?

I think my best friend is a little more like Sookie. Both of them are more like Sookie. They're funny and crazy, they're family oriented, and they don't have bad relationships with their moms like Lane does.

Day 27. Would you rather eat at Al’s Pancake World or watch a movie at the Black, White and Read movie theatre?

I'd rather go to the theater. From what I've heard about the food at Al's Pancake World, I don't think my stomach could take it. I'd be better off watching Pippi Longstocking a million times (and yes, like Luke, I'm a Pippi Virgin).

Day 28. Have you discovered any band/artist because of the Gilmore GIrls?

Not yet. As I'm going back and re-watching I'm trying to write down the names of bands they mention to give them a listen. I've checked out 'The Damned' (not my thing) and I'm going to look into 'The Distillers'. 

Day 29. If you could choose just one character to bring in to your life, who would it be?

I can only pick one? That's not fair. I'd want to bring Lorelai to life because she's just generally awesome and funny and she seems to plan great parties. I'd want to bring Luke to life because I'd want to hear all his rants and I'd want him to open a Luke's near my house so I could go there all the time like the girls. I'd want to bring Sookie to life cause I love her, and Jess because, well, because he's Jess!

Day 30. How has the show affected you, even if it’s in the smallest way?

I want to be more outgoing like Lorelai. I want to read more classic books because of Rory. I want to listen to new music because of Lane. I want to find a guy that's as sweet as Luke. It has given me new things to try, some clarity of what I'm looking for in life, and it has given me a great thing to bond with my mom, my grandma, and my best friend over.

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